Our mission

CENTR stands for the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR). Its objectives are to promote and participate in the development of a high standard of Internet Country Code Top-Level Domain Registries (ccTLDs) for the benefit of its members and the Internet. The organisation has a European focus.

Together with similar organisations with focus on other regions of the world, CENTR will achieve its objectives through consensus building, coordination and collaboration; respecting cultural and historical variations amongst the ccTLDs and their Local Internet Communities.


1. CENTR shall support activities based on any technologies and naming policies which may be used for registration services and are in the interests of the Local Internet Communities within the membership.

2. CENTR shall promote the advancement of knowledge and information for its members.

3. CENTR may represent the membership in discussions with other organisations where there is a common CENTR position. The following lists some examples:

  • governments and the Commission of the European Union - to promote ccTLD development, to advise on policy issues relating to ccTLDs and on regulatory matters;
  • international bodies - to ensure the development of open common understanding of issues, like best practice, privacy, dispute resolution and legal matters;
  • bodies for global coordination of names, addresses and protocols for the Internet (such as ICANN) - for securing the stability of the Internet;
  • industry - to encourage participation in research and development in general, and to provide feedback to industry on the emerging developments in DNS-related technologies and to stimulate suppliers of products and services for the benefit of the membership;
  • other regional ccTLD organisations and non-associated ccTLDs - to encourage information exchange.

4. CENTR shall maintain a policy of subsidiarity whereby CENTR will not undertake activities which are best provided at a local level.

The wording of the Mission Statement was adopted by the CENTR Membership on 5 September 2002.

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