Working groups

CENTR working groups are groups within CENTR that are open to full and associate members. Their objectives are to:

  • Foster debate and exchange among CENTR members on matters specific to the working group
  • Foster exchange and collaboration within a given working group on matters of common interest
  • Formulate advice and reply to tasks with respect to matters specific to a working group to the General Assembly or Board of Directors upon their request
  • Where possible and useful, foster exchange and collaboration between and across other working groups


    Scope of the Administrative Working Group

    Processes & services are an essential component of the ccTLD domain administration. Within the scope of the CENTR Administrative Working Group are:

    • customer & registrar relations & satisfaction
    • administrative processes for domain administration
    • experiences with new domain launches (e.g. 2nd level, 3rd level, nTLDs)
    • data management & maintenance
    • design & introduction of new services

    Message from the Chair & Vice-Chair

    “Dear colleagues,

    As Chairs of the CENTR Administrative Working Group, we want to help our community to share, learn and to grow as well as to foster collaboration. We are always there to help and encourage you, so let us know you suggestions, feedback or wishes!

    Best regards,

    Sascha & Mickaël”

    Sascha Kämpf (.de), Lydia Stoddart (CENTR), Mickaël Vigreux (.fr)


    Messages from Working Group members

    Angelika Voss  (.gg/.je)

    Unni Solås (.no)

    If you would like to record a message of testimonial for the Administrative Working Group, please get in touch with Lydia Stoddart or one of the chairs.

    Where we see the group in two years (by 2021)

    This mind map is the result of a World Café discussion with the group that took place on 19 September 2019 at the 48th CENTR Administrative Workshop in Oslo.


    Action points (February 2019)

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  • The L&R Group deals with all issues of relevance to TLD registries and bearing a legal character or having a legal foundation or legal implications. On these matters, the group provides analysis and advice to the GA, on its own accord as well as by the GA's request.

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  • The CENTR Marketing Working Group is the place to be for all people dealing with a registry’s issues and opportunities in the areas of marketing, communications, sales, advertising as well as press, public or customer relation issues.

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  • The CENTR R&D Working Group deals with forward-looking technology topics, within a wide perimeter around CENTR members’ businesses, in either disruptive or evolutionary way and in a medium-to long-term timescale.

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  • The CENTR Security Working group is a CENTR platform which supports and encourages sharing and exchanging of information, ideas and best practices concerning all security-related topics.

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  • The Technical Working Group is the forum for CENTR members’ technical staff to discuss topics of common interest, as well as to exchange information and views. The Technical Working Group provides a platform for harmonised work and collaboration on technical projects benefiting all.

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