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IGF workshop 2013

The Social Role of a ccTLD, guarantee of everlasting success

workshop by CENTR in cooperation with AfTLD, APTLD and LACTLD
IGF 2013 - Bali, Indonesia

23rd October 2013

Slidedeck presentations:


1Welcome and Opening (Anne-Rachel Inné, AfriNIC)
2The facts behind multistakeholderism (Peter Van Roste, CENTR) - Presentation
3.NG ccTLD: A case of multi-stakeholder model in managing a country's Critical Internet Resource  (Mary Nma Uduma, .ng) - Presentation
4Capacity Building: .CN's commitment to social responsibility (Hongbin Zhu, .cn) - Presentation
5What could be the ccTLDs Social Responsibility? (Oscar Robles-Garay, .mx) - Presentation
6'How to use the Internet', a modern format to educate Czech users (Martin Peterka, .cz) - Presentation
7Role of ccTLD in establishing a neutral expert platform for national internet actors (Andrei Kolesnikov, .ru) - Presentation
8The importance of ccTLDs from an Industry perspective (Sarah Falvey, Google)
9Open debate and Q&A from the floor and remote participants 
10Roundup and Conclusions (Anne-Rachel Inné, AfriNIC)

Workshop Report

available on the host country website: link

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Workshop video

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