2023 CENTR Annual General Meeting: focusing on achievements and successes

Blog 23-03-2023

As the saying goes, every challenge presents an opportunity. At the 2023 CENTR Annual General Meeting, the Chair of the CENTR Board of Directors, Barbara Povše, took this to heart and instead of dwelling on the challenges faced in 2022, highlighted the achievements and successes of the CENTR community in the past year.

I will start where I usually end my updates, by expressing my appreciation for CENTR staff and using this opportunity to welcome the new Senior Policy Adviser, Marlene, to the team. Thank you also to my fellow Board members and to CENTR members for their continued trust and contribution to the community in an unstable and ever-changing DNS landscape.

What have been CENTR’s significant achievements in the past year?

Firstly, we completed nearly all of our ambitious operational goals, with the exception of one which was postponed to Q1 2023 and another which was abandoned due to a lack of interest. Despite a volatile landscape, CENTR ended 2022 with a balanced budget while maintaining high service levels. This shows that the secretariat has a tight focus on the money they manage, and procedures are in place to exert proper control of the available funds.

CENTR's working groups are flourishing, finding a new drive post-COVID. We are opening a new chapter, with the formation of a new Working Group, the EU TLD ISAC, whose aim is to encourage further developments in cybersecurity collaboration. This is the first CENTR project where the ideas on oversight and support are put into practice, representing an exciting model for future efforts. A huge thank you to CENTR’s chairs and vice-chairs for their work.

CENTR played an even more significant role in Brussels on the policy "battlefield" in the past year. The combined work of CENTR at EU level and CENTR members at national level has proven to provide results, and there were success stories on legislative developments such as the Geographical Indications (GI) file, The NIS 2 Directive and the Digital Services Act. CENTR's voice is getting more and more heard and recognised.

Things are also changing at international level, with a renewed collaboration with ICANN. The Board is planning a meeting with ICANN interim CEO in April to synchronise views on a strategic level. The focus of the Board's work this year will be on the long-term strategy, ensuring CENTR is ready to face the service needs of its members in the years to come.

In conclusion, you can see that focusing on the bright side of life works well for the CENTR. Despite the challenges of 2022, the CENTR community has made significant progress in various areas, thanks to the dedication and hard work of its members and staff. With continued collaboration and effort, CENTR is poised to meet its future challenges and opportunities head-on.


Published By Barbara Povše
Barbara Povše is the head of Register.si and chairman of the CENTR Board of Directors.