First joint CENTR-LACTLD webinar!

News 02-02-2023

On Thursday 26 January 2023, members of the CENTR Administrative and Marketing Working Groups and of the LACTLD Commercial Working Group joined together online for the first time to discuss registrar accreditation.

A total of 69 participants representing 22 different ccTLDs from CENTR and LACTLD, its Latin American and Caribbean counterpart, joined the meeting. During the webinar, different speakers from both organisations examined their Registry-Registrar models, and particularly the accreditation process in their own organisations. During the first half Sophie Khidasheli (.ge), Anna Gniadek (.pl) and Sławomir Rakoczy (.pl) presented their experiences of transitioning from a direct registration model to a Registry-Registrar model. This was followed by presentations from José Ernesto Grimaldo (.mx), who represented LACTLD, together with Juan Antonio Gutiérrez Gil (.es) and Gemma Moreno del Valle (.es) who talked about the accreditation processes in their respective ccTLDs. In this way, the webinar sought to provide the participants with different views - both from Latin America and the Caribbean as well as Europe - on how these processes are carried out in the different ccTLDs at a global level.

Sascha Kämpf (.de), chair of the CENTR Administrative Working Group, said of the webinar: “Collaboration, sharing and learning is a vital part of CENTR's mission. It is therefore with great pleasure that the LACTLD Commercial Group and the CENTR Administrative & Marketing Working Groups have done so cross-region. We are looking forward to collaborating, sharing and learning together and with each other across the Latin American, Caribbean and European region”.

Juan Gutierrez (.es) added: “It was a very enriching event that fulfilled our expectations. The sharing of models, experiences and knowledge adds value and allows us to carry out a comparative analysis that empowers us to start new initiatives to improve the operation of our registries”. In this regards, Anna Gniadek (.pl) also commented: “The discussion that took place among the participants, in which experiences of ccTLDs that are often so similar despite being thousands of kilometres apart were shared, confirmed that the idea of holding this webinar was a hit. I was pleased to participate as a speaker in the joint CENTR & LACTLD webinar”.

José Ernesto Grimaldo (.MX), Coordinator of the LACTLD Commercial Working Group, remarked: “Sharing experiences with our peers is always beneficial and of high value. On this occasion, being able to share with our European friends made it clear that we face common challenges, and that this type of meeting enriches all participating ccTLDs with new points of view and solutions”.


To view the slides from the webinar, please see the meeting page (members only).

Published By Lydia Pernal-Stoddart