Add-on for Internet Explorer Protects Users from Fraudulent Websites

News 16-08-2012

Prague, 25 July 2012 – CZ.NIC Laboratories, the research department of the maintainer of the .CZ national domain, in cooperation with the Czech representative of Microsoft, have launched the DNSSEC Validator, a new security add-on for Internet Explorer (IE) browsers. With this application, the browser can verify whether the visited websites are secured by DNSSEC technology. This way, users can know immediately that the site is not fraudulent and that there is, for example, no risk of sensitive data theft.

“According to a study of the NSS Labs security company, Internet Explorer versions 8 and above consistently rank first in efficacy in the fight against Internet attacks, particularly thanks to IE security features such as the SmartScreen Filter or the Application Reputation system. DNSSEC Validator is another element that further strengthens the security of Internet Explorer users, protecting them from fraudulent websites which are appearing increasingly often in the Czech Republic,” says Lukáš Křovák, manager of the Windows Client division at Microsoft.

CZ.NIC Laboratories has already published several versions of the DNSSEC Validator plugin for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. Now the add-on has been released for Internet Explorer as well, so far only for 32-bit versions (IE versions 6 through 9). More information on the current version 1.0 is available on the project website - http://www.dnssec-validator.cz/ie/.


DNSSEC is the extension of the DNS system, which increases the security of domain names. The principle of DNS is the translation of human-friendly Internet addresses, such as www.nic.cz or www.dobradomena.cz, into numerical addresses understood by computers, which can in turn provide services such as displaying web pages, sending e-mails, Internet telephony etc. DNSSEC increases security while using DNS by preventing forged, altered or incomplete domain name data. CZ.NIC association, as the administrator of the .CZ and ENUM domain registries, implemented this security technology for the holders of these domains and for the users of the Czech Internet in September 2008. More information can be found at www.nic.cz/dnssec/.

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