CENTR publishes the CENTRstats Global TLD Report Edition 2/2022

News 24-08-2022

The CENTRstats Global TLD Report Edition 2/2022 has been published. It covers the global status and registration trends in all top-level domains (legacy gTLDs, new gTLDs and ccTLDs), with a specific focus on the European ccTLD market.

Click here to view the online, interactive report.

Highlights from the report:

  • New domain sales increased between Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, but have however slowed since and are now returning to pre-pandemic levels. This slowdown has been accompanied by a similar slowdown in deletions (incl. non-renewals) suggesting that for most ccTLDs, there are still more new domains being added than deleted.

  • The median growth was 2.0% in the year to July 2022 (down from the 6 month average). The median renewal ratio also fell below the 6 month average to 81.9%.

  • The highest growth ccTLDs in the 12 months to July 2022 were: .pt, .is, .dk, .ee and .ba .

  • The average rates of domain transfers between registrars have declined since peaks in late 2020.

  • DNSSEC adoption rates are low, but have however been steadily increasing over time. ccTLDs with the highest proportion of DNSSEC enabled domains are .no, .cz, .nl, .se and .sk, each with over half their zones signed.

  • The advertised prices of European ccTLD registrations have been increasing over the 12 months, with a recently recorded a median of 9.9 EUR (incl. tax) – up from 9.0 EUR 12 months prior.

  • As estimated 44% of European ccTLD domains have a developed website – down slightly from 12 months prior. The rest are made up of parked domains (27%) and domains with DNS or other technical errors (29%).

The pdf version of the report can be found here.


Published By Patrick Myles
Patrick Myles is the Data Analyst of CENTR, the European country code top-level domain association. Patrick is responsible for data management, member surveys and the development and technical maintenance of the CENTRstats data platform.