VIDEO: CENTR explains the role of the DNS in tackling illegal content online

News 12-10-2020

CENTR has released an animated video on ccTLDs and their technical role in relation to online content.

Due to increased legislative interest in this topic, the need for comprehensive educational material outlining the role and technical capabilities of the DNS, ccTLDs and their role in the internet ecosystem is greater than ever.

To address this, CENTR published an issue paper in January 2019, Domain name registries and online content, which is a cornerstone document in explaining the role and limitations of registries. In order to make this important document even more accessible CENTR decided to transform the paper into a four-minute animated video.

The video complements CENTR’s policy work, namely in the context of the upcoming Digital Services Act, and the related public consultation which CENTR commented on recently. CENTR members ask EU policymakers to adequately take into consideration the technical role and the importance of ccTLDs in maintaining an essential service for the functioning of the internet.

CENTR’s Policy Advisor, Polina Malaja, highlighted that: "Any measures taken at the internet infrastructure level in relation to the availability of online content need to be necessary, proportionate and based on an appropriate legal basis. This is due to the fact that the deeper one goes into the infrastructure stack to address online content, the greater the risks for collateral unwanted consequences on affected individuals and legitimate services".

Watch the video here!

Find more information on the DNS, ccTLDs and the DSA here.

Published By Lydia Pernal-Stoddart