CENTR members meet at the 2023 Jamboree in Belgrade, focusing on the community and looking to the future

News 07-06-2023

This year’s CENTR Jamboree in Belgrade was a resounding success, bringing together the vibrant community of domain name registries from Europe and beyond. With an influx of fresh faces and the participation of over 170 attendees onsite and 70 virtually, the event was a great opportunity for the community to get together and look towards the future.

"The community is the most valuable asset of CENTR. But the community can only flourish when we take proper care of it, with the proper amount of water, nurture and a lot of love", said Barbara Povše (.si), Chair of the CENTR Board. Barbara expressed her joy at the overwhelming turnout and extended a warm welcome to newcomers and experienced members alike. In her opening words, she acknowledged the exceptional hospitality of the Serbian hosts and emphasised the importance of nurturing the CENTR community. We would like to take this opportunity to thank RNIDS for being such a fantastic host, providing the perfect environment for the many discussions and networking opportunities!

Session leads and working group chairs and vice-chairs are also to be commended for their instrumental role in creating the perfect space for members to collaborate, learn from each other and exchange on topics of relevance to ccTLD registries. The three-day event featured an extensive and captivating programme, designed to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration. The main theme of the agenda was to embrace the evolving landscape of the internet industry, focusing on topics such as future trends, AI, the impact of post quantum cryptography on registry operations, the implementation of the NIS 2 Directive and more.

This year was also significant, as the meeting began with a CENTR Academy, a session where the CENTR staff, as well as the chair and vice-chair team welcomed new members to explain what CENTR is, who the people are behind the organisation and the services they offer. The Jamboree reinforced the belief that sharing is not only caring but also the optimal way to leverage the CENTR membership. It provided an opportunity for attendees to meet and reconnect with colleagues, build networks and refresh connections.

Barbara also reiterated CENTR's commitment to meeting members' needs and continuously improving its services, encouraging attendees to voice their expectations and express how CENTR can assist in their daily tasks. Harnessing the wealth of ideas from the community is essential for CENTR to evolve and shape its future.

Published By Lydia Pernal-Stoddart