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  • The Camel’s Back: Recursive to Authoritative DNS with Encryption

    2021-04-12 Blog

    With the mushrooming deployment of encrypted DNS transport protocols like DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT), one might be seduced into thinking that in-flight confidentiality of DNS queries is a problem done and dusted. A comprehensive modeling of the security threats, however, reveals otherwise.

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  • EU Policy Update – March 2021

    2021-04-08 EU Policy Updates

    In a nutshell: The European Commission unveiled its Digital Targets for 2030. Four EU countries called for European digital sovereignty in a letter to the European Commission. The European Data Protection Supervisor issued an opinion on the Europol Regulation proposal and the NIS 2 Directive proposal. The European Court of Justice delivered a judgment about the admissibility of evidence in cases of access to electronic communications traffic and location data. The Council of the EU adopted conclusions on the EU cybersecurity strategy. The European Parliament adopted its resolution on the implementation of the GDPR. EUIPO published a discussion paper on challenges and good practices to prevent the misuse of domain names for IP infringements.

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  • CENTR publishes its Report on ICANN70

    2021-03-30 News

    CENTR has published its Report on ICANN70, which took place virtually during the month of March 2021. This report focuses on the Country Code Names Supporting Organisation (ccNSO) and the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) sessions.

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  • DNSSEC deployment and automation: an interview with Ulrich Wisser

    2021-03-25 Blog

    Discussed since the 1990s, the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) add authenticity to DNS records. To understand the current state of DNSSEC deployment, we interviewed Ulrich Wisser, who works at the Swedish Internet Foundation, a CENTR member that operates the .se top-level domain. We also discuss an Internet Draft co-authored by Ulrich Wisser that proposes an algorithm and a protocol to automate operations for multi-signer DNSSEC. The text has been edited for brevity and clarity.

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  • DNS privacy, legal enforcement and Quad9: a conversation with Bill Woodcock

    2021-03-22 Blog

    Quad9 is a free Domain Name System (DNS) service, focusing on privacy and security. In February 2021, the company reincorporated in Switzerland to provide its users even stronger privacy guarantees. The move was facilitated by SWITCH, a CENTR member and registry for the .ch and .li top level domains. To discuss this move and DNS privacy at large, CENTR interviewed Bill Woodcock, the Chairperson of the Foundation Council of Quad9. The text has been lightly edited for brevity and clarity.

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