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  • ICANN71 and DNS Abuse

    2021-06-17 Blog

    So-called “DNS Abuse” continues to be the prevalent cross-cutting issue across the ICANN universe. Discussions on the need to consider public interests when it comes to the numerous on-going policy development processes, along with the question of ICANN’s role in the multistakeholder ecosystem seems to be driven by the pressing issue of the darkened WHOIS post-GDPR, and as a result the inability of law enforcement and other third parties to address DNS abuse in an effective and timely manner. Let’s try to dissect this complex issue by looking into the challenges for the ICANN community to move forward.

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  • ICANN71: ccTLD governance models - why one size does not fit all

    2021-06-16 Blog

    ccTLD governance models1 are often a source of confusion and concern. How is it possible that there is no standard governance model for one of the most visible operators of the Domain Name System (DNS)? Why are they different? Which one is the best?

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  • ICANN71: Impact of Regulatory Developments on ICANN Policy Topics

    2021-06-15 Blog

    Since 2016 the ICANN community has been struggling with the relationship between its multistakeholder model and the reality of regulatory developments. Often these regulatory developments overrule the outcome of the multistakeholder discussions or impact its delicate status quo. A session at ICANN 71 on the impact of regulatory developments on ICANN policy topics touched on a number of aspects, but tip-toed around the really difficult questions.

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  • The CENTR community meets online for the 2021 Members’ Days

    2021-06-14 News

    From 1-3 June, CENTR held its 2021 Members’ Days (formerly known as the Jamboree), a meeting that brings together the whole CENTR community for three days of cross-working group sessions and networking. This year was slightly different as the CENTR Registrar Day, which is usually held in October, was incorporated into this meeting.

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  • EU Policy Update – May 2021

    2021-06-11 EU Policy Updates

    In a nutshell: The European Parliament is steadily advancing on developing its positions on the proposals for the Digital Services Act, the NIS 2 Directive, the CER Directive, and has adopted a resolution on the challenges of sports events organisers. The Portuguese presidency in the Council of the EU published a progress report on the Digital Services Act. ENISA published its first EU cybersecurity certification scheme. The Cybercrime Convention Committee within the Council of Europe approved the draft of the 2nd Additional Protocol to the Budapest Convention concerning access to electronic evidence. The European Data Protection Board expressed concerns over the alignment of the draft text of the 2nd Additional Protocol to the Budapest Convention with the EU data protection framework.

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