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  • VoIP goes to the web: the allure of HTTP

    2020-03-30 Blog

    By Monika Ermert, eLance Journalist - Since the DNS has already shifted into the the web protocol HTTPS (expect a longer blog post here in the next week), IETF engineers are now mulling another web shift. There is a proposal to replace the Voice-over-IP dinosaur protocol SIP by the Realtime Internet Peering for Telephony protocol, RIPT, and finally bring telephony to the net.

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  • Mirja Kuehlewind new Chair of the Internet Architecture Board

    2020-03-26 Blog

    By Monika Ermert, eLance Journalist - It is increasingly difficult to accuse the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) of being an old boys’ club following Mirja Kuehlewind’s stepping up as Chair of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) in today’s all-virtual plenary. 35-year-old Kuehlewind joins IETF Chair Alissa Cooper, making the top leadership of this standardisation body all-female.

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  • Meet you on the NetStream: IETF with all-virtual agenda in desperate times

    2020-03-23 Blog

    CENTR is trying a new format for reporting on the IETF meetings, and will be publishing a series of blog posts over the next couple of weeks, before publishing a full report at the beginning of April. The first blogpost introduces some of the key topics that will be discussed this week.

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  • CENTR publishes its Report on ICANN67

    2020-03-17 News

    CENTR has published its Report on ICANN67, which was the community's first ever virtual meeting.

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  • EU Policy Update - February 2020

    2020-03-09 EU Policy Updates

    In a nutshell: The European Commission published its digital strategy, data strategy and White Paper on Artificial Intelligence, and plans to open a public consultation on priorities in cybersecurity certification. Digital Commissioner Breton voiced the need for a 'stay-down' duty, in addition to content takedowns by online intermediaries. Germany will focus on online hate speech during its presidency in the Council of the EU in the second half of 2020. The European Parliament is in a hurry to issue its three own-initiative reports on the Digital Services Act, with the Rapporteur for the Legal Affairs committee calling to re-focus the debate on a "follow the money" approach. The EDPB has provided guidance on the applicability of the GDPR to unfair algorithms.

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