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  • IETF 112: How do we get the remaining 2.9 billion people online?

    2021-12-01 News

    IETF 112 took place in early November, where close to 1,200 people participated to further the IETF's mission of “making the internet work better”. One of the presentations was about getting more people online under the title of GAIA – Global Access to the Internet for All – which focussed on unlocking internet access for people in rural areas, particularly those in less developed countries. But developed countries also have their challenges in reaching those not yet online.

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  • Purposes of the RIPE Database – Task Force presents conservative position on data oil

    2021-11-30 Blog

    In times when data is glorified as the new oil, being conservative about drilling is rare. In a rare occurrence the Database Requirements Task Force of the RIPE Community took a step back and recommended taking a number of data objects out of the public RIPE Database (see RIPE767). While the group certainly hopes to save their community from data spills and fracking interests, opposition was expressed during the RIPE 83 meeting last week.

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  • RIPE's answer to COP26

    2021-11-24 Blog

    Guidelines for greening the networks will be on the agenda for the RIPE community in 2022. While this is not a new topic for the address managing body, considerable interest was expressed at the ongoing RIPE83 meeting this week. A RIPE answer to the climate crisis and the steps that were deemed insufficient at the recent COP26 climate conference in Glasgow could be in the making.

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  • Rebuilding community connections: CENTR meets in person

    2021-11-24 News

    After almost 2 years of meeting online CENTR members met at the Annual CENTR Meeting in Brussels last week. Approximately half of the participants joined online, but it was almost as if they were in the room, as they were present on the screen in front, and participated actively during the meeting.

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  • EU Policy Update – October 2021

    2021-11-10 EU Policy Updates

    In a nutshell: the European Commission published its Work Programme for 2022. Discussions continued within the co-legislators to reach a position on the DSA and a consensus on e-Evidence. October, as the official “European Cybersecurity month”, lived up to its status with many updates on cybersecurity. LIBE adopted its opinion on NIS 2 and its report on CER, while ITRE adopted its position on NIS 2. Member State leaders adopted their conclusions following the European Council meeting, highlighting cybersecurity as one of the key priorities for the EU. The European Data Protection Board adopted its Guidelines on restrictions of data subject rights under Article 23 of the GDPR. The Slovenian Presidency emphasised the fight against child sexual abuse as one of its key priorities.

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