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  • The Administrative Working Group meets virtually

    2020-09-23 News

    On Thursday 17 September, the Administrative Working Group met online for their autumn workshop. The event was attended by one of the highest number of attendants for a stand-alone workshop, with over 25 registries and many new faces.

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  • EU Policy Update – Summer 2020

    2020-09-09 EU Policy Updates

    In a nutshell: Germany took over the presidency of the Council of the EU starting from 1 July. The European Commission published the EU Security Union Strategy and the EU strategy for a more effective fight against child sexual abuse. It is also planning to revise the intellectual property rights protection framework in the EU and is currently consulting the public on its eIDAS Regulation revision plans. The European Parliament’s Committees have finalised a few Opinions on the numerous own-initiative reports to give more context and drive the legislative debate on the Digital Services Act. The European Court of Justice ruled that intellectual property rightholders cannot require social platforms to give out IP addresses, and invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield Decision in its ground-breaking ruling concerning Facebook. The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice issued an opinion in the case about platform liability for intellectual property rights infringements committed by end-users.

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  • Joint press release: New Digital Services Act Should Support Not Restrict the Internet

    2020-09-08 News

    Amsterdam, Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium: The European Commission’s upcoming Digital Services Act will be a major piece of regulation that will affect online service providers across the Internet landscape and, ultimately, the Internet itself and its billions of users.

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  • CENTR responds to the public consultation on the Digital Services Act

    2020-09-01 News

    By Polina Malaja, Policy Advisor - CENTR has provided its feedback on an upcoming EU legislative reform - the Digital Services Act (DSA), as a response to the public consultation initiated by the European Commission.

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  • Back to square one: encrypted DNS keeps developers busy – and divided

    2020-08-31 Blog

    By Monika Ermert, eLance Journalist - For more than half a decade, DNS developers have tried to answer the question of how to switch from a traditional DNS resolver to one that allows the client’s DNS queries and answers to be encrypted. Encrypting DNS queries and answers was in part a reaction to Edward Snowden’s revelations about the widespread interception and surveillance of the internet, including DNS traffic, by intelligence agencies. While DNS over TLS (DoT) was intended to allow for an evolution of traditional DNS operations, it was eventually DNS over HTTPS (DoH) that was first ready for release (see CENTR’s interview with European DNS-engineer Sarah Dickinson from July 2018).

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