Privacy policy

This website privacy policy applies to all types of data processing on the CENTR website and its Content Management System. The data controller is CENTR VZW, Belliardstraat 20, 1040 Brussels, Belgium. This policy is compliant with the GDPR.

General principles

We only collect the personal data necessary to provide services to members.

We only retain personal data for as long as it is strictly necessary.

We secure all data (including personal data) with access control systems and passwords.

We restrict access to personal data to those who need to access it.

We never share personal data with third parties with the exception of:

  • Meeting attendance data which is shared with the meeting organisers
  • IP addresses from which surveys have been answered – this information is shared with our provider of data analytics consultancy (NetKnowledge).

Overview of personal data

Who's who
Information kept in the who’s who is only accessible to CENTR members and observers who are logged in. Information from the who’s who will not be shared with third parties except with the written consent of the data subject.

The who’s who is a database that contains the name, contact details and personal interests of each user. Users have full control over their information and can opt-out from making it available via their profile settings.

When a user is deleted from the CMS, all data is removed from the who’s who database.

User Log
The date and the time of the start of the most recent session from every user are kept in a record that is accessible for CENTR staff only. The information is deleted after 60 days.

For the stats section of the CENTR website, in addition to the most recent access, all sessions are archived for up to 60 days. This includes the IP address, username and timestamp.

All session logs are only accessible by CENTR staff and will only be consulted in case of a login or security issue.

Meeting registration information
When registering for a meeting, users give their consent to share this with the other attendants. This information is only available to logged-in CENTR members. Attendance data is used to plan logistics for the meeting, verify access to the meeting venue and prepare (when relevant) meeting badges.
Dietary requirements are only shared with the host of the meeting on a need-to-know basis. All information relating to meeting attendance is deleted within 7 days following the meeting.

When visitors register their email address in order to receive CENTR news updates, they agree that this information will be processed to send them the CENTR news updates.

CENTR members with a website login will automatically be receiving the newsletters. They can opt-out at any time following the link in the footer of the email message.

The list of recipients of the newsletter will only be accessible by CENTR staff and will not be shared with third parties with the exception of service providers that CENTR might engage in the process of distributing the newsletters.

Registered users will automatically be receiving the newsletters. They can opt-out at any time following the link in the footer of the email message.

Right to correct or remove personal data
All users have the right to correct any information on the site that is inaccurate. Any other personal information that users don’t want to be published on the website will be removed immediately upon simple request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Survey data
All data contained in surveys can be linked to individual users. This is necessary to avoid that more than one user from the same entity could accidentally respond to a survey.

For evaluation surveys, responses get anonymised before an automated report is compiled.

We are using Matomo as analytical tool to monitor our website traffic. This helps us to prioritise resources and understand what services are used the most. We have enabled privacy tools in Matomo which obfuscate IP addresses so they are no longer personal identifiable information. None of the data collected through Matomo is shared with third parties.

A detailed overview of the cookies used on this site can be found in the cookie policy.