Registrations open for Serbian IDN .срб

News 09-08-2012

On 1 August 2012, registrations opened with a Land Rush for the Serbian IDN .срб 
From now on, everyone can register a .срб domain name, regardless of whether or not they already have an equivalent .rs domain name.

Cyrillic .срб domain name is the second national Internet domain name of the Republic of Serbia, and it is used along with existing .rs domain name. Currently there are over 6,000 registered .срб domain names and over 73,000 registered .rs domain names.

A majority of new registrants are brand names who seek not only to  protect their intellectual property, but also to ensure that searches uniquely lead to their sites, since search engines treat both Cyrillic and Latin results in Serbian language equally.

Internet addresses in Cyrillic are particularly well-received by the Serbian expatriates, who see them as another vehicle to preserving their cultural and national identity.
Registration of .срб domain names is carried out through registrars whose list can be found here
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